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October 20, 2017
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A November Mystery

It’s November! We hope that you’ve had a great fall so far. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime with any home remodeling questions you have. We’re here to help!


4 Lighting Considerations That Will Make Your Kitchen Shine

When considering a kitchen remodel, most homeowners focus on the layout, the cabinets, the countertops, and the appliances. All of those are important things but don’t overlook the importance of your kitchen’s lighting. Here are four things to keep in mind that will ensure that your kitchen looks and feels great.

  1. Task Lighting. Your kitchen is a working room. That means planning task lighting that will make meal preparation, cooking and cleaning easier. LED strip lights under an upper cabinet can create a pleasant, even light without shadows (or heat). You may also want focused lighting on specific areas such as a chopping block or over an island. Avoid shadows by installing your task lighting in front of you or above you so that you aren’t working in your own shadow.
  1. Ambient Lighting. Soft, ambient lighting creates a warm, welcoming glow. You can achieve this with pendant lighting above a counter or above your dining table. You can also install “downlights” around the kitchen perimeter.
  1. Accent Lighting. Use accent lighting to draw attention to your backsplash or a piece of art. Another option is to add accent lighting to glass cabinets or open shelving to highlight displays.
  1. Size Matters. When it comes to lighting, bigger isn’t always better. If a pendant light or a chandelier is too large the fixture can overwhelm a small kitchen. If it’s too small it can get lost in a large space and lose its impact.

Plan your lighting as early as possible – in the design stage. Moving light fixtures after your kitchen has been remodeled can be expensive – especially if rewiring and repainting are involved.

Beat the Heat (and Save) with LED Fixtures

One reason that traditional incandescent bulbs are so inefficient is that approximately 90% of the energy they use generates heat instead of light. LED bulbs are much more efficient. They’ll save you money, won’t heat up your kitchen, and they last a lot longer.

A November Mystery

“I was never very good at math, so could someone please explain how 10 people can share a 20-pound turkey at Thanksgiving and each gain 3 pounds?” —Anonymous