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August 17, 2017
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Having been in the remodeling industry for many years, we have built up quite a database of fantastic service providers who we love to refer.

If you’re ever in need of great people to help you with plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, or other trades. Or are in need of a trusted lender, realtor, or just about any service related need you may have – please feel free to reach out. We know how helpful it can be to receive a referral to someone you can depend on and trust.

We hope your September is starting out well! We’re here to help you in any way we can.


3 Remodeling Fixes to Help You Sell Your Home

Making your home attractive to prospective buyers is a great reason to consider remodeling. Many of us get so used to our homes, as they are, that we don’t see the imperfections a potential buyer might see. Here’s a look at some of the things that you might not see that can keep prospects from buying your home:

1. Popcorn Ceilings: You may not spend a lot of time staring up at your ceilings, but a prospective buyer will notice this kind of ceiling right away. It makes your house look dated. And because it’s virtually impossible to clean, it can make your house look dirty.

2. Dated Carpet: Many buyers expect hardwood floors these days. A lot of people still like carpet in their bedrooms, but if the first thing a potential buyer sees is wall-to-wall carpet in the family room and living room, it can be a turn-off. Hardwood flooring also makes the space look bigger.

3. Seriously Outdated Bathrooms: Acrylic (fake crystal) knobs on your bathroom sink can look dated and dingy.  So does the strip of bare, round lights above the medicine cabinet. And if you have a sink that’s cracked and/or discolored – it’s simply not attractive.

All three of these things are fairly simple, straightforward remodeling projects that just might be what you need to get people to take a second look at your home. And even if you’re not selling, these projects will make your existing home more comfortable and enjoyable.


3 Things That Can Make Your Remodel Take Longer

Homeowners and remodelers both love it when remodeling projects finish on time.

But here are three things that can cause delays:

1. Custom Cabinetry: Custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, simply take longer to manufacture. Allow time for manufacturing.

2. Specialty Windows & Doors: Custom sizes and shapes take longer to build. Plan ahead.

3. Custom Fixtures: Custom-made sinks, faucets, or lighting fixtures take longer to acquire. Order well in advance.

We’re experts and delivering a project on-time! If you’re considering a remodeling project and would like to get the process started – reply to this email and we’ll get right back to you.